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Special Events

The Hurricane Relief Zumbathon held on Saturday November 17th

 Thank you so much to everyone who

attended and donated!

We raised an amazing $610!

Thanks to:

Lorraine Battista  (woo hoo!), Chrissy Small (thanks for bugging Dot), Karen Sholette, Pam Zimmermann, Marie Lenzi, Carol Fee (love mom!), Jen Galante, Diane Buscaglia, Charlene Garland (Wooo!), Regina Forlano, Jennifer Connors, Marie Norton, Marlene Seggern, Barbara Volante, Mary Wachterhauser, Gigi Walsh, Dottie Smith (Lil' sis), Tina Petro, Julia Barcalow, Vicky Masterson, Cathy Manderfield, Ellen Murray, Joanna Armandi, Kim Engstrom, Danielle McPhillips, Aurora Dizel, Lorie Benovic, Meg Boyd,  Carol Donner,  Donna Szczygiel, Adrienne Miller, Maria Deenis, Shelby Neeley and Rachel Goldstein (We missed you :-( ), Mary Beth Lauer,  Pat Desabato, Susan Kaufman, Becki Leof, and of course our wonderful instructor Kristy Cobb (great job Kristy - let's do it again next week!)

Many many Zumba hugs and thanks,


Linda Lassiter and Kristy Cobb BZF!

Lol Kristy!

St. Luke's Church

35 North Malin Road

Broomall  PA 19008

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